In a world obsessed with fitness sometimes we forget that our brains need some exercise too, this is where the Peak Brain Training app is useful. Peak is a free app that is focused on challenging yourself, whilst making you feel sharper and smarter for the day ahead.

Peak offers a wide variety of mini-games that challenge your memory, attention, problem solving abilities and many other aspects of your brain. The games can be fun and range from trivial to rather difficult at times, all whilst improving your focus and making you feel sharp.

The app has been designed rather professionally, with pleasant aesthetics and smooth transitions. You can also set up a daily workout routine, for each game you complete you will earn points that go towards your daily goal. Your results from the games you play are recorded under a performance tab, under the tab are several stats and graphs that show your progression.

In the free version of the app you are able to play four random games per day, the rest are all locked off unless you buy a Pro subscription. There are several types of subscriptions that Peak offer, ranging from monthly subscriptions at £3.99, yearly for £25.99 and a lifetime subscription for £79.99 which is a bit jaw dropping. There is also an option for a family plan that gives a pro subscription to up to 5 people.

The subscription gives you full access to all games on Peak, unlimited retries and the ability to compare your results to other ages and professions. The graphs contain a moderate amount of detail but could do with a bit more of an explanation as to what the results actually mean.

Our Verdict

Overall the app is very well made and is a good pass time throughout the day. However the app does have some minor inconveniences, such as the app repeatedly pushing you to buy the pro version. But in general it’s a great app and I would highly recommend anyone to try to it. I mean at the end of the day its a free app, whether it warrants it’s subscription price or not is completely down to the consumer.