If you’re an aspiring developer, designer or program enthusiast you may well have heard of Team Treehouse. Team Treehouse offers a website full of video tutorials and step-by-step guides, supplemented by quizzes and challenges throughout to help strengthen the users understanding.

Team Treehouse offer a rather plentiful variety of courses that can vary from Sketch Basics Tutorials all the way up to building your own app in Objective-C. Each course is placed into a track that is used to plan out what courses you need to take and when. Tracks contain a decent amount of content and can take many hours to complete.

The courses on Team Treehouse consist of several video tutorials with clever sketches and animations throughout to keep things entertaining. This is where Team Treehouse shines, the animations are well done and the Tutors are entertaining and informative. However I felt like some important parts of courses where rushed and could have been explained more.

For example at the start of the Objective-C tutorials everything was being explained in detail and it never strayed too far into difficult code, but as I worked my way through the courses things were no longer being explained in detail, they were just being brushed over. Thankfully Team Treehouse has a community section that is very helpful and informative at explaining things you may have misunderstood or if your struggling on a task.

One of the biggest advantages of using Treehouse has to be the ease of being able to use the site anywhere and without almost any tools. Team Treehouse has their own workspace environment that allows you to start coding straight away.

All of these courses do not come cheap however, the prices can be very expensive when considering its a monthly subscription fee, with the basic price being $25 a month. Is it worth paying $25 a month? maybe. It is entirely dependant upon how serious you wish to be about learning to code or develop. But if your looking to get hands on experience whilst learning in a fun and welcoming environment, then you probably won’t find better.