App Marketing

Before any design and development can commence we have to plan the app

Get your app noticed

Marketing Your App

We offer a comprehensive app marketing package which will give your app the best possible chance of success. To achieve this we use a variety of techniques, all with the goal of targeted customer acquisition. Every app is different so we work closely with our clients to identify who their core market is and focus on promoting the app directly to them.

Why is marketing my app important?

The App Store is massively competitive and unless you are one of the lucky few who get featured, people are unlikely to stumble across your app while casually browsing. This is why it’s important that you have a focused marketing plan in place.

When should I start marketing my app?

It’s never to early to start marketing your app, in fact the mistake many people make is to release their app and only then start considering how they are going to market it. We can help you to generate a buzz about your app prior to its release so you have people downloading it as soon as it is available on the App Store.

Is marketing my app expensive?

We offer a wide range of app marketing solutions and can create a campaign to fit your individual needs. A successful marketing campaign requires careful planning and intelligent execution, it doesn't have to break the bank. We can help you begin marketing your app even if you are working with limited funds.

I've already released my app, can you still help me market it?

Yes! While it is best to start marketing your app before it’s released we can put a marketing plan in place to help you increase exposure of your existing app and work towards improving your download figures.