Day & Night

Overview of the App

We was approached by Day & Night to design and develop both an iOS and Android application. It would allow users to quickly open the app and find all the best deals and activities on in and Around Liverpool. Since launching, the app has been hugely successful already, building a version two and about to expand into other regions across the UK.

Explore what's going on around you

Day & Night lists all the activities, restaurants, bars and other cool stuff to do across Merseyside. It gives you an overview of everything that is happening That day or night; allowing you to get the most out of your spare time, doing the things you love.

Claim vouchers and discounts

Day & Night is filled with offers and discounts exclusive only to it’s users; allowing users to not only discover a hidden gem to dine out in, it has potential to earn a special promotion there too.

The vouchers within the app can range from anything; discounted parking, 2-4-1 Drinks and meals, to free entry for kids and a whole host of venues.

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