Goal Machine

Overview of Goal Machine

We were tasked with developing an iOS application which differentiates from the fantasy football apps already available on the store. It was based around a simpler, more wide spread point systems; allowing you to compete both privately and publicly.

Instead of picking players from teams across the Premier League, Goal Machine allows you to predict the outcome of each matchday fixture. It allows for a more manageable, simpler experience for users to compete with their friends and other users across the country.

Compete with your friends

Fantasy Football has been around for a long time now and been played for generations. Goal Machine allows you to compete with your friends and family in the same way, with private leagues, however it's not as time consuming as your average fantasy football. No longer do you need to worry about injuries, suspensions or substitutions; goal machine brings football back to the simple predictions, match results.

Stats in your hand

So you're sat on the train trying to figure out your predictions, you’re stuck, you need some extra help. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. No longer do you need to leave the app and start searching for Opta Stats, Goal Machine comes packed with stats to help you pick your outcome and not lose your lead at the top of your league. What's even better, it shows you what people have already backed, so you can see what other users think will happen in that fixture.

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