KO8 Boxing

What is KO8 Boxing

KO8 Boxing is an app aimed at pairing a love of boxing with the techniques of a high intensity workout, using only a punchbag. It allows the user to listen to their music while getting instructions from a personal trainer; the punches to throw and when.

Different intensity settings

When embarking on our path to fitness, we all start at different levels of fitness. It allows you to choose different modes when setting up, starting with amateur all the way to professional. As you make KO8 Boxing part of your daily routine, you can move up through the levels seeing if you can handle the extreme workouts of professionals.

Each workout can be customised

When setting up your workout, you can you can change numerous attributes. In a rush? You can set your round time to a minute. Feeling guilty from an over indulgent weekend? Add a few more rounds.

Not only can the workout settings be customised to your current mood, but KO8 boxing allows you to play your own playlists in the background while testing yourself on the latest workout.

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