Project Overview

When first approached about doing an app on Sky diving, we were really intrigued. I mean, how cool? The guys first approached us and explained in depth the amount of planning and preparation that goes into planning their jumps. It's not as simple as just jumping and pulling your cord.

The guys behind MyDive are experts in skydiving and each jump has a number of routines to be choreographed before they jump, in order to hit the perfect formation at the right time.

See intricate transitions

MyDive allows you to plan how each diver moves from one formation to another, showing which way they should exit the current formation and transcend into the next.

Collection of moves to choose from

MyDive lets you choose from a whole host of moves to plan your best formations. The app allows the user to input a new move to their sequence with the simplicity of a press of the custom designed keyboard MyDive includes.

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